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 "I Made This for You – Christmas Gift and Decorations Crafted with Love"  is collection of charming seasonal ideas and instructions for crafting bespoke gifts and decorations. Author Katrianna Raunio grew up on a horse farm, the self-sufficient lifestyle of farming, crafting, sewing and knitting forming an ethos of handcrafting that is woven into the pages of her book.   Embrace an unhurried holiday season, trading the rush for the pleasure of making things together. A homemade Christmas may take time and effort but adds a special layer of meaning and counters prevailing consumerism. The book guides you to creating your own seasonal magic without extravagant costs or lavish supplies. 

Passione Pizza by Luca and Salla-Maria is a comprehensive guide into the world of pizza. The book offers clear instructions for making delicious pizza at home with a relaxed vibe.   The first half of the book is devoted to the theoretical side and the art of doughmaking, showing how the right ingredients make all the difference and providing the latest know-how suitable for home kitchens. The second half of the book delves into Luca’s fantastical pizza recipes, bringing the right amount of challenge even for experienced chefs.  Passione Pizza is designed for pizza lovers who are ready to follow recipes to the dot and put their patience on the line, while also offering plenty of inspiration for anyone with a more relaxed approach to the art of pizza making. 

Tara Junker – Veggies, every day of the week Prepare tasty, healthy meals using seasonal Scandinavian vegetables. This book will teach and inspire you to cook delicious meals with minimal hassle even on the busiest days of the week, reminding that you can devote more time when you have the chance. Whatever the case, cooking should be joyful!   With a focus on vegetables, Veggies, every day of the week opens with quick and easy recipes for weekdays. Trendy, delicious appetizers will encourage you to invite guests over even in the middle of the week. Weekends are about stews simmering for longer, kneading your own pasta dough and inviting friends and family over to join in the fun.  Tara Junker is a food scientist and recipe creator with a passion for all things culinary. Following the success of her previous two books published in Finnish 

Cooking Sustainably features a chef’s assortment of easy-to-follow recipes for you to cook your way towards a better world, using genuine ingredients with flavours in focus! Wondering how to make your kitchen more sustainable and adapt better routines to your dinner table at home?   Fill your plate with locally sourced, organic produce, plenty of vegetables, wild-caught fish, whole grains and juicy berries, always according to what’s in season. Ina Niiniketo’s insightful tips will help you create a more sustainable pantry, and with each small step, you’ll make a positive impact. With the effortless recipes in the book, you’ll be tucking into handy weekday meals and relishing in unhurried weekend gatherings.   Author Ina Niinketo draws inspiration from international cuisine for her own restaurant but is also well-versed in the ins and outs of what it takes to cook wholesomely at home.