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Frangrance STUNNER

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8oz Coconut Wax Blend Clean Fragrance (no parabens, phthalates, sulfates) Cruelty Free 
SINNER: Smoke, leather, vetiver
You are who you are. There's nothing wrong with a little mischief. Especially when being bad feels this good. You only live once. 
CHARMMER: Italian bergamot, juniper, yerba santa
Your allure opens doors. Charisma beyond compare. Turn it on. No one can resist. All you have to do is ask.
STUNNER: Violet, sandalwood, rosewood
You are flawless. Radiant. Confident. The brightest star in the sky. You make it look easy. You own the place. 
ENTERTAINER: Holiday spices, white jasmine, sugared berries
You light up every room. Cheerful. Generous. Genuine. People are drawn to you and you to them. All are welcome. The more, the merrier. 
REVELER: Fresh cut pine, cedarwood, fir balsam
You're feeling festive. Merry. Joyous. There are a million reasons to celebrate and you can come up with a million more. This is the place to be.
NIGHTCAP: Rum, black plum, tonka 
 The day is done. Relax. Unwind. You have done enough. What's left is yours to savor. 
JETSETTER: Yuzu, mango, grapefruit
Your zest for life takes you everywhere. Happily lost, then found. In the know, on the go. Time to fly. Adventure awaits. 
DAYDREAM: neroli flower, white tea, driftwood
You've earned this. Sit back. Relax. Take a deep breath. Trust and let go. There's nothing to worry about. Everything is in its place.