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Frangrance SANGRIA

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Our travel tin candles are perfect for those who love to travel without missing the comforts of home. Bring your favorite scent with you anywhere you go. The size of these candles make them perfect for packing in your luggage or taking on weekend getaways.

BURN TIME: Up to 20 hours per candle

SIZE: 4oz  

MOONLIGHT: Inspired by the night-blooming moonflower, this blend has notes of pear, cherry blossom and musk making up the perfect fruity floral scent. 

SOL: This bright scent is reminiscent of a summer day in the sun.. A fresh blend of currant, grapefruit, and earth.

SUNDAY MORNING: A little bit of childhood nostalgia wrapped up in a candle! Sunday morning is reminiscent of eating a big bowl of fruit loops while curled up in front of your favorite morning cartoons. A blend of ripe berries, juicy tangerines and sweet sugary vanilla.

STARGAZE: Reminiscent of a summer night under the stars. A fresh, masculine blend of bergamot, grapefruit, and sandalwood.

PALOMA: a true essence of the perfect summer cocktail. Immerse yourself in the vibrant and refreshing aromas of a classic grapefruit, lemon and bergamot.

SANGRIA: a true essence of summer in a fragrance. Immerse yourself in the vibrant and refreshing aromas of a classic sangria, captured beautifully in this handcrafted candle.